I write not to explain but to explore

I write to understand,

I write to explore

not to explain or define.

Not to give the final word. Not to finish the conversation, to begin it.

I do not write about things I think I know all about, if I think I know all about a topic I will not be open to new ideas and perspectives.

I write to learn more. I write because I am interested in a topic and I want to think about it and give a platform for other people to give their thoughts about it.

I write to connect. To connect my thoughts with the world, and to connect other people into the conversation.

Writing is no use without a reader. I am the first reader of my thoughts, all of you are the second. And your thoughts are the continuation of the exploration.

Writing can help me learn when I am tired of reading, and talking can help me discover when I think an idea for long enough. And connecting to the universe of experience and ideas expands the conversation for everyone.